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Take Advantage Of Our Free MRI Review

If you recently had an MRI or Scan and would like a second opinion, NJ Spine and Wellness is here to help. Our team would be happy to take a closer look and review your scans for FREE. This is a $250 value available to new patients only. If you’d like treatment recommendations based on your recent diagnostic scan, contact us today for a Free MRI Review consultation.

Our Approach

During our first-time consultations, we often hear how patients have tried various methods of treatment in other offices throughout New Jersey only to have their pain return. At NJ Spine and Wellness, we take a unique approach to help you get better faster and remain pain-free. We evaluate your pain and symptoms on an individual basis and create a patient-inspired treatment plan that focuses on helping you achieve your goals and become more mobile with less pain.

We don’t track our progress by scan results, but rather how you feel and if you are getting back to daily activities. Our mission is to help you feel well so we structure our plan of action not for you, but with you. We listen to your goals and set realistic expectations for your treatment plan.

Upload Your MRI / X-Ray

MRI & X-Ray Upload

Take The First Step Towards Getting Better, Faster

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